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Fantastic Allegations

I am the author of the books They Were White and They Were Slaves and Judaism Discovered.  After accurately stating those facts in the June 2010 Chronicles, Scott P. Richert proceeded to pen a farrago of pseudobiography (“You Say Ásátru, I Say Shoresh,” Rockford Files), stating that this writer received a $40,000 contract from “School District 205” and that I have an “Old Icelandic” program that I allegedly call “Ásátru, Inc.”  He then admits that he made up the preceding and goes on to claim, seriously this time, that Judaism Discovered is “equivalent” to the Nation of Islam’s book The Synagogue of Satan by Ashashed Muhammad.

Why am I being abused in this fashion, and why is my name being dragged through the mud by means of a fantasy concocted by Mr. Richert and published by Chronicles?  No less fantastic is his allegation that my work is equivalent to the Islamic volume.  Islam, like Orthodox Judaism, is a false religion, as I have made clear.  Has Mr. Richert even read Judaism Discovered?  My text is thoroughly Christian.  One of its theses is that hatred of Judaic people is destructive and fulfills a Talmudic dictum.

Mr. Richert’s reckless...

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