• Adopting Indecency
    May 2010

    Adopting Indecency

    It’s not normal anymore to talk about normal. Yet, in so speaking, Scott Brown was 1,000 percent right. It really, truly, honestly is not normal for two people of the same sex to undertake the vital and holy estate of parenthood.
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  • A Poverty of Spirit
    May 2010

    A Poverty of Spirit

    A little-known federal program called Supplemental Security Income (SSI) fosters dependency and destructive behavior among our nation’s poor. SSI was begun in 1974 with the intention of helping aged, blind, and disabled people of little or no...
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  • Janie's Got a Gun
    January 2010

    Janie's Got a Gun

    The bodies were barely cold at Ft. Hood when writer William Saletan unlimbered his guns. It is, he announced, time for the military to lift its policy exempting women from combat.
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  • The End of the Chain
    June 2009

    The End of the Chain

    The global decline of fertility rates may well be the single most important trend in the contemporary world, a phenomenon that will transform our societies into something radically different from anything in recent history.
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  • A Home Is for Living, Not Flipping
    January 2009

    A Home Is for Living, Not Flipping

    Did academics count the homes in Levittown? No, they were too busy deconstructing suburbia after World War II. But one tends to notice such minutiae in real neighborhoods where everyone knows his neighbors, including their strengths and weaknesses.
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  • Europe’s Self-Jihad
    December 2008

    Europe’s Self-Jihad

    The Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe 2008, published by the Institute for Family Policies in Madrid, suggests that the family is being closed down and sold off at bargain-basement prices.
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