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“Family Values”: Illegal Aliens and Their Sex Crimes

Whatever President Bush says about the “family values” of the growing horde of illegal Mexican immigrants, chilling newspaper accounts and cold data tell a different tale.

On April 29, 2005, an illegal alien from Guatemala, Ronald Douglas Herrera Castellanos, was power washing a deck at the Nagle home in New City, New York.  In her bedroom, Mary Nagle, 42, a wife and mother of two children, readied herself for a tennis match.  Later, a prosecutor said, what police found in the bedroom was reminiscent of the Manson murders, “a scene out of a horror movie.”  Herrera slashed Nagle with a green-handled box cutter, cutting off a piece of her earlobe, and nearly amputated a finger as she tried to defend herself.  Hanks of hair lay about the blood-spattered scene.  Herrera raped Nagle for 30 minutes, beat her “almost beyond recognition,” one newspaper reported, and mutilated her genitals.  Then, he changed into her husband’s clothes and, using her cell phone, called 51 of her friends and relatives to threaten them or describe the deeds in pornographic detail.

Mary Nagle was just one victim of illegal-alien criminals that year.  Two others were children.  In December, in Fontana, California, an illegal alien kidnapped, raped, and sodomized a four-year-old girl, then tossed her over a six-foot wall.  The Press-Enterprise of Riverside...

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