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Who was it who said that behind every great fortune lies a great crime?  The answer is a Frenchman by the name of Balzac, known in his time as a pretty good novelist.  Well, is stealing an idea and making untold billions as a result a great crime?  I suppose if it were my idea and some ghastly nerd from New Jersey that I had hired to apply it had stolen it, I’d classify it as such, but I would also make sure he never walked unassisted again.

The Harvard rowing twins are gentlemen, however, and accordingly went to that institution’s president, a bum by the name of Summers, who told them to blow.  Mark Zuckerberg was, after all, of the same faith and background, so why side with two naive WASPs who rowed brilliantly, dressed well, and stood up when ladies entered the room?  Zuckerberg is now worth north of 40 billion smackers, after paying peanuts to the twins who failed to get it on paper that Facebook was their idea.  So much for a gentlemen’s agreement.  The son of a dentist won big time and even got a movie out of it.  The Winklevosses got $65 million, or something close to it.

Zuckerberg plays fast and loose with the rules, and he and his wife now pose as great philanthropists, setting up a limited liability company to conduct charitable efforts.  Adding insult to injury, they announced to great fanfare that they were giving 99 percent of their Facebook...

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