Vital Signs


Most Americans wouldn’t like it if they knew that a foreign government had built a school in the United States which teaches hatred of Americans and their country.  Indeed, most Americans wouldn’t like it if they knew a foreign government had built a school here that teaches hatred of anyone or anything.  Then again, most Americans don’t know the Saudi government runs two schools in Fairfax, Virginia, under the name Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA), and they certainly don’t know what that academy teaches.  But thanks to President George W. Bush, they may know that “Islam is a religion of peace.”  That raises the distinct possibility that, even if they knew about ISA, they wouldn’t much care.  No good American can oppose teaching “peace,” after all.

Of course, as anyone familiar with it knows, peace is not the Islamic Saudi Academy’s profession:  Teaching Islam is.  And what it teaches is of great concern to many observers, not least the myriad senators and congressman who want to shut the place down.  That didn’t stop the Fairfax County board of supervisors from approving the renewal of a lease for one campus last year and, for the other campus, a major expansion that residents of the area opposed on both practical and philosophical grounds.

The latter campus sits in the rolling Virginia countryside, on the former grounds of a Christian academy...

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