Exterminating Fantasies

        "[Socialism is] the combination of religious sentimentality, industrial insanity, and moral obliquity."
—F.J.C. Heamshaw

Some years ago, George Watson wrote two remarkable articles for Chronicles describing how the Soviets, those heroes of socialist resistance to fascism, carried on using German concentration camps for their original purposes until the early 50's ("Buchenwald's Second Life (July 1989) and "Forgotten Voices; How Buchenwald Lived On'' (October 1992). And only last January, Chronicles printed a piece by him about the hypocrisy of the British leftist ruling class who send their children to expensive private schools while doing their best to abolish the same kind of education for their poorer fellow countrymen. No doubt there is some cool postmodernist word to account for phenomena like this ("dissonance" comes to mind): Certainly they pose—for non-leftists—a problem that has so far resisted analysis, except in the form of jokes about people like Teddy Kennedy and rude remarks about professors in general. But the elitism of the left is a worldwide phenomenon. As an English friend said, on hearing the news of the last British general election, "You've got to admit the English system works. . . . We've just had the first real working-class prime minister in our history, and he's...

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