Vital Signs

Exeunt Metrosexuals

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Directed by Peter Dobbins Written by William Shakespeare

Stage Manager: Joe Danbusky

Produced by the Storm Theatre


Directed by Erica Schmidt

Written by Gary Mitchell

Stage Manager: Megan Smith

Produced by The Play Company at the Kirk Theatre

When a former professional football player turns actor, the inclination is to set the bar rather low.  Think O.J. Simpson as the security guard in The Towering Inferno.  For that matter, think Dr. Johnson on female preachers.

I couldn’t help myself, however, so I purchased a ticket to a production at the Storm Theatre in Times Square to see the once-explosive, virtually untackleable Hall-of-Fame fullback John Riggins utterly flop on his face in A Midsummer Night’s Dream playing, of all things, Nick Bottom.

Funny.  This offbeat guy, who sported a Mohawk haircut in the 1970’s as a New York Jet and was the bane of NFL defensive lines in the early 1980’s as he led the Washington Redskins to two Super Bowls, didn’t flop—on face or bottom.  He was superb.

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