In the Dark

Excellent Enemies

Lions for Lambs
Produced and distributed by United Artists
Directed by Robert Redford
Written by Matthew Michael Carnahan

Bulletin: The neocon pundits are going to war!  Not to Iraq or Afghanistan, though.  No, they’re landing in our local movie theaters and pounding away at all those treasonous antiwar movies being thrust on the unsuspecting public.

It’s a bitter battle, but someone has to wage it.  The neocons have taken aim at In the Valley of Elah, Rendition, Redacted, and Lions for Lambs.  Curiously, however, none of our patriotic pro-war commentators seems ready to go mano a mano with Charles Ferguson’s documentary on the Iraq war, No End in Sight.  Brave as they are, they don’t seem to have the stomach for Ferguson’s precision firepower.  But they feel free to lob grenades at the other, weaker films, especially Lions for Lambs.  Even before it opened, Bill O’Reilly was calling it a “bomb” and “career suicide” for its director, Robert Redford.  Here is Glenn Beck of CNN Headline News discussing Lions with Michael Medved.  He begins by wittily observing that the film couldn’t have been worse if “a Scientologist, an alien Scientologist, showed up in the middle of it to jump up and down on Oprah’s...

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