The Western Front

Evildoing Nations

On October 3, in an address celebrating the anniversary of German reunification, a Hessian deputy to the German Bundestag and a member of the CDU/CSU steering council, Martin Hohmann, committed a gaffe that led to his removal from his party position five weeks later.  The party leader who justified this sacking, Angela Merkel, complained that Hoh-mann, a devout Catholic who has spoken out against abortion and the growing Islamic presence in German cities, was guilty of “conceptual constructions” that “exceed the limit of our aims and principles.”  To the critics of Merkel and of what is perceived by the German right as a token opposition to the left, Hohmann’s fate testified to the parliamentary right-center’s reputation as ein Club der Umfaller (a club for wimps).  As a November 14 feature article in Junge Freiheit shows, the “bourgeois bloc” in the German parliament has a long history of delivering to its leftist critics “grateful offerings.”

What sent the left in Europe and the United States into a tizzy this time were several paragraphs in Hohmann’s speech, borrowed from Johannes Rogalla von Bieberstein, which dealt inopportunely with the Jewish role in communist revolutions and in running the Soviet secret police.  Bieberstein states in his book Der jüdische Bolschewismus. Mythos und Realität what had been...

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