Cultural Revolutions

Evil Lessers

If you had bet me six months ago that the grassroots disaffection in the Republican Party, as demonstrated by the “Tea Party” movement, would guarantee a responsive nominee for president, you would have lost.  I am no prophet, just an observer with some historical perspective.  I would have bet on Romney against all comers.  The Republican Party almost always returns to its roots (like a dog to its vomit) and selects a wealthy liberal from the Deep North to head the ticket.

The media and the “front runners” colluded to ensure than no real political debate made it to the airwaves during the sideshow of the primaries, which had no purpose except to make us poor dupes in the boondocks think that we had some input.  It will be the same at the national convention, which will not be a political event but a scripted advertisement.

Isn’t it curious that the Republican Party will have a presidential nominee from Massachusetts, which (along with its spawn, Connecticut and Rhode Island) has the smallest and most atypical Republican electorate of any state?

For a long time the state capitalists and political hacks who controlled the Republican Party dominated American politics by an appeal to respectability against the Evil Party of “Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion”—the desire for respectable conformity being the predominant...

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