Everybody Hans Küng Tonight!

Letter From New York

“If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?”  This old bit of black humor popped into my mind as I drove home from a local college after attending a lecture, entitled “My Long Road to a Global Ethic,” delivered by dissident Catholic theologian Hans Küng.  “It would simply be too coincidental,” I thought to myself, “if that guy, who gave that lecture, who was that conceited, who didn’t use the C-word in that book of his (and was, incidentally, that good looking) . . . was also a vegetarian.”  After all, it’s one thing to study apocalyptic thought (as I have); it is quite another to have taken in a lecture given by Soloviev’s Antichrist himself!

Not-so-simply put: It would take more fudging and stretching of Nostradamus’s gazillion quatrains composed in multiple languages to make someone like Stalin fit just one of the Antichrists in his cryptic three-Antichrist scheme than it does to make Hans Küng the one and only archdemon in the scheme of Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev’s “Short Tale of the Antichrist” (1900).  The similarities (Soloviev’s vegetarian requirement notwithstanding) are positively creepy.

Soloviev wrote of the Antichrist: “His famous work [is] entitled The Open Way to Universal Peace and Prosperity.” ...

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