Cultural Revolutions

Evangelical Antifederalists

The Arlington Group, a powerful association of Christian Right leaders, is, to borrow from the author of the Book of Virtues, picking a pony.  Some ponies, such as Arkansas’ Mike Huckabee, just don’t look like they can make it to the final stretch.  Fred Thompson, on the other hand, could go the distance.  The problem is, he’s a “federalist.”

A President Thompson would be a problem for the Arlington agenda—not because of his apparent aversion to Covenant Marriage, but because he is a “federalist” when it comes to the “gay marriage” question.  In an interview with NRO’s Jim Geraghty, Arlington member Gary Bauer put it plainly: “Many of us are intrigued and excited by Thompson, but we have great concerns about his advocacy of federalism in dealing with the issue of protecting the sanctity of marriage, and that is certainly an issue we want to discuss with him further.”

When it comes to abortion and “gay marriage,” Thompson wants the states to decide.  He has called for Roe v. Wade to be overturned, and he supports a constitutional amendment that makes the definition of marriage a state issue.  But, as an Arlington source tells Geraghty, “there is concern that the federalist constitutional amendment that he leans toward on marriage just wouldn’t work.  How can you...

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