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Eurovision: the Triumph of the Transvestites

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By:Eugene Girin | May 12, 2014

A few months ago, Srdja Trifkovic aptly described the Eurovision song contest as "a political as well as a cultural irrelevance" and an "infomercial of poor taste pop". He correctly if lightheartedly characterized the only global hit that came out of Eurovision (Abba's song "Waterloo") as "a typical example of cheesy tra-la-la europop".

Well, this cheesy tra-la-la europop has hit a new low with this year's winner. The crowned queen of this year's contest is Conchita Wurst (real name: Thomas Neuwirth), a bearded transvestite whose looks are nauseating and whose singing is revolting. This stomach-churning spectacle has captured the hearts of chic Western Europeans who at the same time booed and howled like hyenas when Russia's twin Tolmachevy Sisters took the stage.

This is the new Western Europe, folks: a land which celebrates perversion, deviance, and trashiness. I suspect that the reason Wurst was selected is for the enlightened Europeans to thumb their collective nose at that oppressive, homophobic, and dangerously Christian land called Russia and its sinister president who dares to stand in the path of the vicious EU/State Department hydra.

The reaction from Russia to this drag show celebration was predictably negative.  Dmitry Rogozin, the forthright, witty deputy PM of Russia tweeted that Eurovision "showed European integrators their Euro-prospect - a bearded girl", Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinsky was upset that his own children watched this year's contest, and the occasionally right-on blowhard Vladimir Zhirinovsky called the result the end of Europe, a place that "has turned wild" and "does not have real men or women anymore".

My friend, the Russian-Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin had a forthrightly harsh response to the Eurovision drag show. Eskin characterized Conchita Wurst as a self-disfigured untermensch and denounced the whole foul spectacle as part of a "cult of Satanism in an unterkultur". Harsh words from a tough man who survived both KGB and Shin Bet custody with his principles intact.

As Justin Raimondo pointed out, Russia is "playing the role of the conservative upholders of tradition and national sovereignty", standing up to the malevolent forces funded and celebrated by the Western mainstream. No wonder European nationalist parties like Marine Le Pen's National Front and Matteo Salvini's Northern League support Putin. The Italian National Front's Adriano Tilgher praised Putin for standing up to the gay lobby and preventing a Western attack on Assad's Syria. Salvini emotionally yelled "Viva the referendum in Crimea!" at a conference and Holland's Geert Wilders called out "shameless Europhiles" for their support of the putschist government in Kiev. Finally, when Marine Le Pen, visited Moscow she met with deputy PM Rogozin, as well as with Elena Chudinova - Russia's leading traditionalist author and critic of Islam. Hopefully, this alliance will only grow in strength and the shabby characters that support color-coded revolutions and celebrate deviance will soon be swept out of power.



Allen Wilson
5/12/2014 04:02 PM

  Anyone who would boo and howl at the Tolmachevy twins must be seriously perverted. I might wish to howl at them myself, but definitely not boo them, if you know what I mean. Any other normal man would wish to do the same, unless he was brought up better. They may have been the only normal performers there. As for the freak, it was a really disgusting and stomach turning, evilly bizarre, repulsive creature. There was something surreal and demonic about the five seconds of it's performance which I bothered to watch.

Dan Hayes
Rego Park
5/12/2014 07:32 PM

  Mr. Girin: The BBC concurs with your suspicion of why Wurst was selected. But being the BBC it spinned it as being exemplary modern European enlightenment and good cheer. Translation: perversion uber alles.

John Rutowicz
5/12/2014 07:37 PM

  Do you think members of Svoboda are big fans of Thomas Neuwirth? While you are quite right about the decadence and perversion of Western entertainment, I still have trouble with certain sectors of Russian society who wave red flags, display hammer and sickle and images of Lenin. What "traditions" are they upholding? What "tradition" is Alexandr Dugin advocating? I don't think it is the same tradition Christians are thinking of.

5/12/2014 09:48 PM

  Mr. Girin, First the action is permitted in the name of freedom, then any dissent is enforced in the name of freedom. Here is another recent example Things are looking pretty sporty for the future.

San Antonio
5/13/2014 12:49 PM

  Eugene, does that mean those of us who still listen to Dean Martin, Bill Haley, Marty Robbins and ZZ Top are just not hip? What do real men listen to in Eastern Europe?


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