Vital Signs

Europe’s Self-Jihad

The Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe 2008, published by the Institute for Family Policies in Madrid, suggests that the family is being closed down and sold off at bargain-basement prices.  In Europe there is an abortion every 27 seconds and a divorce every 30.  There are nearly one million fewer births today than in 1989.  Abortion is the principal cause of death in Europe.

The percentage of young people in Europe is falling massively.  There were 94 million people under the age of 14 in 1980, but only 74 million in 2007—a net loss of 20 million young people.  By contrast, the number of people over the age of 65 was 57 million in 1980; it reached 80 million in 2007.  The inverted demographic pyramid means that the young are being increasingly burdened by the need to maintain the old.  Europe seems destined to transform itself into a huge retirement home.

A strong policy to encourage people to have children would be one way to confront the demographic collapse.  But this would mean returning to traditional morality and abandoning the antinatalist and Malthusian policies of the last 30 years.  Another way—the path chosen by the European Union and by the majority of its member-states—is to encourage immigration.  Europe is on its way to becoming a hybrid and multicultural society.

Today, young...

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