Under the Black Flag

Europe’s P.C. Fatwa

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that Europe was the cradle of democracy.  For today Europe seems to be sliding inexorably into a culture of control that would have made Stalin proud.

Carol Thatcher, the daughter of the great Lady T, was recently banned from the BBC for referring to an unnamed tennis player’s hair as “reminding her of a golliwog.”  Carol said this in a private conversation but was overheard by a snitch who reported her pronto.  The BBC fired her on the spot.  It was a jokey remark by a nice woman who was punished by the powers that be for being, well, white and the daughter of an ex-prime minister.  Five years or so ago I was investigated by Scotland Yard for incitement when I called career black criminals in the United Kingdom sons and grandsons of career criminals.  I was let off with a warning that next time it would be curtains.

At least my offense was in print and public.  Poor Carol’s was a private affair, which means that no offense could be given to the tennis player or the public at large because only two people heard it.  Shades of 1984.

And it gets worse.  A British community nurse, Caroline Petrie, offered to pray for an elderly patient who was being treated at home.  A fellow nurse reported her, leading to suspension without pay while an inquiry took place.  Although the patient had declined the offer, she...

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