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Eric Cantor's Defeat Is A Victory for America

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By:Tom Piatak | June 11, 2014

The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in tonight's Virginia Republican primary is a victory for America. Cantor lost for one reason: he was seen as weak on immigration. The entirety of the American Establishment is pushing for what it calls "immigration reform," which actually means amnesty for illegal immigrants and a massive increase in legal immigration, the cumulative effect of which would be to drive down wages and further impoverish Americans, not to mention giving the Democratic Party millions of new voters.

The Senate has already passed a disastrous immigration bill and President Obama has vowed to sign it. The only thing standing in the way of "immigration reform" has been the House GOP majority, and some in the House leadership have clearly wanted to find a way to give Obama what he wants on immigration. Fortunately, we still hold these things called "elections" in America, and all House Republicans who want to win reelection have just been given a powerful reminder of why they can't betray the party's base on immigration, no matter how much the big business interests who fund the GOP want them to.



Bryan Fox
6/11/2014 03:02 PM

  Cantor's rejection was not for one issue, immigration. He had been alienating his constituents on a litany of issues for years. He'll probably become a highly paid lobbyist for terror groups such as SPLC and NAACP.

robert m. peters
6/11/2014 03:04 PM

  From time to time a usually well-manipulated mechanism of that which we call "democracy," in this case a small percentage of the fickle masses voting in an off-year primary election in the more "conservative" south of a state, the north of which having come to resemble the People's Republic of Maryland, brings for an unanticipated result - the overthrow of an established politician by an upstart, this time, although not always, for the good, or so it seems. It is indeed heartening - perhaps the beginning of a trend? I am not sure. Down here in the swamps, sloughs and bottoms, we have ample metaphors for such events. If you find yourself stranded on a log being swept along by flood waters, you look for things to take your mind off your plight. There, quite content in the midst of the maelstrom on an adjacent log sits a big bullfrog, pulling in insect after insect with his ranid tongue strikes. As the two logs diverge in the swirling currents, you observe that the latest beetle the frog thought to the capturing and ingesting was in fact a big yellow hornet which stings the predatory tongue as the frog pulls the hapless creature into its mouth, swallowing it even as it reacts to the pain. The flood is oblivious to all of this. Soon, on your log, you have other worries. Yet, there seems to have been a little justice, the hornet stinging the frog. Watch out for that hornets' nest in the low-hanging limb your log is passing under! Them critters is dangerous!

6/11/2014 05:05 PM

  My guess is Cantor now pushes harder for “immigration reform” prior to vacating office, all the while chastising the “ignorant, heartless, bigoted and isolationist” vein of his worthless party. Never underestimate the extent of retribution a charlatan is willing to inflict out of spite.

6/11/2014 05:50 PM

  Bryan, that Cantor would become a lobbyist for an America-hating group was my exact initial reaction to hearing that he had lost. In Cantor's current job he has immense power. In his next job, as a filthy lobbyist, he will have far less power, but will make far more money.

6/12/2014 02:57 AM

  JMD Are you surprised? Honest Abe features prominently on your county's website!


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