Epicene Europa

“Roll up the map of Europe; it will not be wanted these ten years.”

—William Pitt (1806)

“Nothing,” goes the Johnsonian cliché, “concentrates a man’s mind more wonderfully than the prospect of being hanged.”  This very natural reaction may explain why a whole raft of intellectuals, journalists, and even politicians, none of whom was previously noted for his concern about immigration, have suddenly evinced an urgent interest in the subject.  A growing number of conservatives have begun to realize that the Europe of the not-too-distant future may be much less European than they would like, while a growing number of liberals (in the positive, British sense of that word) have started to see that the Europe of the future may be much less free.

Following in the wake of Bat Ye'or, Oriana Fallaci, Mark Steyn, et al., the latest in this roll call of late-flowering race realists is Walter Laqueur, up until now known chiefly for his highly regarded surveys of antisemitism and fascism, and of modern Russian, German, and Israeli history.  Now in his 80’s, the former Brandeis and Harvard professor and director of the Institute of Contemporary History is apparently still searching for new social phenomena to describe.  Such mental agility is much to be admired in a man...

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