Environment: The New Conservative Movement

Environment: The New Conservative Movement
cates and social security numbers for\r\n"monitoring all students between the\r\nages of five and 18."\r\nWherever Jones and officials like him\r\nattempt to overstep their authority, attorneys\r\nat organizations like the Home\r\nSchool Legal Defense Association try to\r\nkeep them in check. Thirty-four states\r\nnow have homeschooling statutes that\r\nprevent unwarranted intrusion by government\r\nin what for centuries people\r\nconsidered a natural relationship. The\r\nquestion is whether these laws reflect a\r\npreference for parental authority or are\r\nmerely the government's way of pacifying\r\npeople it regards as quacks.\r\nChristopher Check is the associate editor\r\nof The Family in America, a publication\r\nof The Rockford Institute.\r\nENVIRONMENT\r\nThe New\r\nConservation\r\nMovement\r\nby Jim Christie\r\nTo mainstream environmental activists,\r\nRon Arnold merits special\r\ndisdain. A former Sierra Club conser\\'ation\r\ncommittee member, Arnold now\r\nruns, with associate Alan Gottlieb, the\r\nCenter for the Defense of Free Enterprise\r\nin Bellevue, Washington. Together\r\nthey wrote a 1993 expose of the environmental\r\nmovement. Trashing the Economy:\r\nHow Runaway Environmentalism\r\nis Wrecking America, which remains\r\ncontroversial for spotlighting corporate\r\nfunding of mainstream environmental\r\ngroups.\r\nArnold and Gottlieb also figure\r\nprominently in the "wise use" movement\r\nthat the environmental mainstream\r\nsays is a front for rapacious natural\r\nresource...

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