In Our Time

End of the Liberal Dream

Hell hath no fury like a peaceable liberal whose peaceable cause seems to be losing—especially when that cause is represented by the liberal himself, as Hillary Clinton’s tirade in the guise of a concession speech in Manchester, New Hampshire, demonstrated.  Liberals and liberalism are currently under siege in Western countries.  So liberals are in a panic, and a panicked liberal is someone who loses his temper first and his reason next, as we are witnessing in Western Europe and the United States today.  For more than two centuries liberals have been constructing a dreamworld, and making their home there.  This dream is their substitute for a religion, and it is no easy thing to see one’s religion crumbling into dust before one’s very eyes (as liberals like to imagine Christians are seeing theirs).  The European Union, Jean Monnet’s great liberal-bureaucratic-economic-technological construction, is falling apart more and more from one day to the next—the inevitable consequence of the historical and political naiveté of its designers and the huge popular resentment the European project has engendered—while in America the two major political parties are fracturing and a significant portion of the Republican Party has rebelled outright against multiculturalist doctrine and political correctness, which it openly and even joyously mocks and defies.  Democrats—the...

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