In the Dark

Empty Gestures

Sin City
Produced by Dimension Films
Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller
Written by Frank Miller
Distributed by Dimension Films and Miramax Films

So you have been wondering what happened to Frodo, a.k.a. Elijah Wood, after he drifted off into that glorious sunset at the end of The Return of the King?  It seems he didn’t go on to the next world after all.  Instead, he hired on with director Robert Rodriguez and sank into Sin City.  There, he took up killing women so he could cannibalize their bodies and mount their heads on his trophy wall.  Don’t worry, though—he paid for his excesses.  Someone named Marv lopped off his arms and legs and then fed his still-breathing torso to the dogs.  In Marv’s inimitable words, he was given “the hard goodbye.”

You can see all this and much, much more in Rodriguez’s Sin City, a film many of our toniest movie reviewers have hailed as the biggest aesthetic breakthrough since Quentin Tarantino’s bloodfest Kill Bill.  As for me, I know trash when I see it, so be warned.  I feel no obligation to protect this project’s cheesy secrets.  If you’re hellbent on seeing the movie for yourself, please read no further.

Rodriguez’s Sin City is little more than a grotesque postmodern...

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