Cultural Revolutions

Elective Abortion

Flip-flopper.  Like racist or isolationist, it’s not a word that you’d like to have attached to your name.  In recent years, it has been used to whap the likes of John Kerry and Mitt Romney over the head.  It means that your finger is in the wind, that you are not a Decider, that, like most politicians, you’re full of shift.

Now comes the godless leftist media once again to pound “psychologist and author” Dr. James Dobson with flip-floppery, since he predictably ate his own words, as told to the New York Times last year: “If neither of the two major political parties nominates an individual who pledges himself or herself to the sanctity of human life, [I] will join others in voting for a minor party candidate.”

That was then, when Rudy Giuliani or—gasp!—John McCain threatened to capture the GOP nomination.  Now—well, now we have Sarah Palin, who neither flip-flops nor blinks.  And technically, she was in fact nominated by a major political party.

Sarah Palin, we are told, is a sign, a winkie-winkie to the pro-life community that the long-awaited Roe-reversal is in the cards.  Just one more election; just one more justice.  “Change is coming!”

Senator McCain, as he proclaimed at Saddleback, to a stirring round of applause, believes that life begins at conception.  (Obama,...

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