In Memoriam

Egon Richard Tausch, R.I.P.

Chronicles has lost a longtime writer and friend, Egon Richard Tausch, who passed away on July 27.  In Egon was found both brilliance and humility, a rare combination reflecting his Christian faith.

He was also a man of fierce loyalty, unmoved by the patricidal demands of the politically correct and faithful to his inheritance as a Southerner and a Texan, supporting both the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Sons of the Republic of Texas.  Descended from early German settlers of Texas, Egon also loved and participated in the Beethoven Maennerchor, which is among the oldest German singing societies of the Lone Star State.  Egon’s loyalty and undying friendship extended to this magazine as well; he likely holds the record for the most gift subscriptions given to friends and neighbors at Christmastime—a record he himself broke, it seems, every year.

A retired attorney, Egon served as an officer in Vietnam and taught history at West Point.  He is the son of a family of American patriots who “fought in every war America fought in.”  Along with his beloved wife, Phyllis, who was ever by his side, he remodeled their historic San Antonio home, and with their collection of artifacts and treasures, he lived in a virtual museum of American history.

Egon’s writing interests reflected his loyalties.  In Chronicles, his March 1999 View,...

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