• Adventures in Education
    September 2016

    Adventures in Education

    Last spring, students at Chelsea Academy performed A Man for All Seasons. Among the play’s many memorable scenes, the exchange in which Sir Thomas More advises Richard Rich to choose teaching over the pursuit of power, wealth, and fame...
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  • A Big Beautiful Horse
    July 2016

    A Big Beautiful Horse

    Decades of “funding reforms” have replaced local funding with state funding, and greater and greater federal regulation of local public schools has led to school consolidation and the loss of local control in anything but name.
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  • Student and Teacher Benefits
    June 2016

    Student and Teacher Benefits

    It’s nine o’clock on Tuesday. First into the classroom today are my Advanced Placement European History students. I begin the class, as I always do, with a prayer, and then deliver a lecture on such Enlightenment luminaries as Montesquieu,...
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  • A Monumental Proposal
    June 2016

    A Monumental Proposal

    I was recently perplexed to see in the news that Harvard, the oldest institution of higher learning in the nation, had declared that, though master has no etymological relation to slavery (but rather to magister), the word would nevertheless be...
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  • Sometimes a Flower
    June 2016

    Sometimes a Flower

    A substitute teacher in a public school in what is, by today’s standards, still a relatively socially conservative part of the country uses “an anatomical word during a teaching lesson.” She is fired, and the story goes viral.
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  • <em>Sharia</em>, Not Shakespeare
    May 2016

    Sharia, Not Shakespeare

    When Allardyce Nicholl, then professor of English at Birmingham University, founded the Shakespeare Institute at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1951, he intended from the beginning that it should have an international flavor.
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