Eating Crow

“I kneel to de buzzard,
An’ I bow to the crow;
An eb’ry time I weel about
I jump jis so.”

        —from “Jump Jim Crow” (1828)

Readers of this magazine hardly need to be told that antiracism in America has become a secular religion, but lest there be any doubt about the aspirations of its acolytes, Benjamin P. Bowser, the editor of a recent tome entitled Racism and Anti-Racism in World Perspective, assures us that a revivified liberalism, free of the racist assumptions of its “classical” origins, must become a

secular religion [that] will create an effective blueprint for creating an anti-racist future where individual and group rights and freedoms can be balanced and maintained through a global and truly well-informed democratic process.

Bowser’s dream is already our nightmare.  When I hear words like “truly well-informed democratic process” I feel the urge to reach for my Smith & Wesson.  Think rehab for racists.  Think racial identity caucuses in every workplace.  Think propranolol therapy to reduce your unconscious racial biases.  Forget separation of Church and state.  The United States is now one vast diocese under the authority of the archbishop of antiracism.  Yes, the...

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