Public Plunder

Dubious Dubya Budgets

As the federal Fiscal Year 2005 approaches completion and the 2006 budget takes shape, the lack of fiscal discipline of the George W. Bush presidency continues to enlarge upon the “politics of joy,” which have characterized the Republican Party since the end of World War II.  No longer aspiring to be the party of frugality and responsibility that “takes away the punch bowl” from the Democrats, the Republicans have become big welfare spenders whose largesse is financed by big deficits that are doubled by unaffordable tax cuts supported by the Fed’s excessive creation of money.

The change of roles of the parties has not been confined to the domestic scene, as the Republicans have become the borderless internationalists who welcome hordes of illegal immigrants, promote foreign trade without reciprocity, and engage in ill-advised military interventions at the behest of multinational corporations and neoconservatives attempting to build the New World Order.  The national interest has no place on their political agenda, and the party no longer has room for conservatives or nationalists.  This agenda should not come as a surprise to anyone who has taken the trouble to follow the evolution of the Republican Party since William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt.  As “Progressives,” they launched the shift from continental to international imperialism and big central (socialist)...

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