Under the Black Flag

Down Goes the Mammoth

So, the great nation builder is leaving the White House, his vision of a peaceful Middle East just a pipe dream, something poor old W used to know something about.  I say poor old W because he was, after all, taken in by his very own Vice President, a treacherous and cowardly man, a character William Shakespeare would have had a lot of fun inventing.  Cheney and his neocon plotters established a shadow government, made up the myth of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, and allowed useful Israel First idiots in the media to do the rest.  Five years on, hundreds of thousands on both sides lie dead or crippled for life, millions have become refugees, and Iran is the superpower of the region.  Uncle Sam, in the meantime, has a galloping fever that could prove fatal unless radical medication is applied.  And those responsible for the mess remain—like herpes—impossible to extricate from the body politic, infecting everyone and everything they come into contact with.

The trouble is no one in this country of ours seems to learn anything from past mistakes.  Eight years in Afghanistan have only strengthened the Taliban and enriched those who sell the West drugs—hardly the purpose of our original mission there.  The only good thing to report about our failed mission, in a place no foreigner has ever prevailed, is that it may have stopped the crazed Cheney from sending troops to Georgia to fight...

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