Double Down: Illegal Aliens and Crime

For too long now I have heard that illegal immigrants are not criminals and that they have come to America only to work.  Not really.  Whether or not they want to work, they have already committed a crime by illegally entering the United States.  I am still naive enough to think that national sovereignty should mean something.  Whether or not they want to work, they also come here to have babies.  The birthrate for illegal-alien mothers is more than double that for native-born American women, and higher even than the birthrate for legal immigrants.  Moreover, the only-want-to-work argument ignores the enormous costs to U.S. taxpayers that come with illegal aliens, especially for medical care and for schooling and other services we provide for their children, American born or not.  These costs are helping to sink the city of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District in a sea of debt.

As if this isn’t bad enough, many illegal immigrants come here precisely because they are criminals and they find America a target-rich environment.  This is particularly true of Mexican criminals, who make a practice of committing crimes in the United States, slipping back into Mexico, and then, rested and equipped with new identities, returning here.  I have seen Mexicans deported for their third or fourth time, and each time, the same criminal has a new name.  Since this continues...

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