Doe Fever

The Case Against Hillary Clinton is a strange book. It would be less strange if it were titled Peggy Noonan's Psychoanalyses, Future Speculations, and General Meanderings, Which Are All Well-Written and Witty. But a book billed as an indictment of the First Lady, written by none other than Ronald Reagan's most lauded speechwriter, creates certain expectations.

One expectation is that conservatives, right-wingers, and anyone else who already dislikes and distrusts Hillary Clinton and her agenda will naturally whoop and cheer as they turn the pages. Another expectation is that Noonan would at least try to present the charges against Mrs. Clinton in such a way as to keep Hillary sympathizers from dismissing her as just another Clinton hater before she even presents her case.

But Noonan starts off with an imaginary scene set in the future, with Hillary about to give her acceptance speech after winning the New York Senate race against Mayor Rudy Giuliani (update that to Rick Lazio). Noonan describes the First Lady's manner of dress, the roaring crowds, and Hillary's thoughts—a multifaceted barrage of "Hah, I showed them!" attitude and utter self-indulgence. It seems real. You can just picture it. You just know the First Lady's thoughts would indeed be as puny as the ones so well described by Noonan—if you already are a Hillary foe. But for anyone on the undecided list,...

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