Doctors of Education?

A recent issue of Forbes contained the truly wonderful news that a corporation is now selling a video encyclopedia of the 20th century. This is sure to be a hot item in the "education technology" business. Today's students, who dislike ordinary encyclopedias because they must be read, can now "tap into the visual side of their brains" and get their history by TV.

Anybody concerned about the dismal state of education today can only be depressed at such inventions. Who comes up with these nifty new educational ideas? The answer is, of course, "educationists," by which I mean professors of education along with consultants and educators who have degrees in education from various "teachers colleges." In the burgeoning literature on the decline of education, not much attention has been paid to the culpability of educationists for the degeneration of American education. Reginald Damerell has written a fascinating book which shines a light on educationists, one that will surely make the roaches scramble for cover.

Damerell should know what he's talking about. After 11 years as a copywriter for an advertising agency, he was invited to join the faculty of the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) College of Education, after the critical and popular success of his book Triumph in a White Suburb, about a desegregation fight. While a professor of education, Damerell discovered...

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