Dobson’s Choice: Politics and the Spirit of Martyrdom

During the 1990’s, under the guidance of Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, the Christian Right learned to hate Hillary Clinton, and all her lies, and all her empty promises.  To them, she is (to borrow from Dr. Sam Loomis) pure evil.  She is a feminist who looks down her nose at women who stay home and bake cookies, and she tried to nationalize HillaryCare and threatens to do so again, and she just sounds angry all the time.  But the Big Thing, the focal point of the wrath of the Christian Right, has been her advocacy for abortion.  She, along with the godless Democrats, supports abortion “rights”; we, as members of the Party of Lincoln, do not.

That simple credo is changing, now that the openly pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani has emerged as a Republican front runner, together with Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney.  For many pro-life Christians, none of these candidates will do.  Fred Thompson wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned and the issue returned to the states (where he would also like to see the status of “gay marriage” decided).  And Mitt Romney, in addition to supervising the advent of Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Steve in Massachusetts, has flip-flopped on abortion once already; he could do so again.  And of course, he wears sacred drawers and may be president of his own planet some day, a fact that is disturbing to a host of Christian voters.


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