Do Homosexuals Exist? Or, Where Do We Go From Here?

In March of this year over a million Frenchmen demonstrated on the streets of Paris against the legal institutionalization of gay marriage.  As far as the media were concerned, this event was practically confidential.  It is hard to imagine a similar scene taking place in the United States, but if it did, it would be met with the same willful rejection by the rulers of this world who simply treat as nonexistent anything that opposes the social program they impose on the willing masses, unless perhaps it might be useful as another source of potential terrorists.

The practically universal triumph of the juridical recognition of gay marriage in the countries of the world that used to be Christendom requires those of us who accept the morality of the Bible to reassess the matter of homosexuality.  This reassessment must be radical and practical.  Things have come to such a pass that unless we are content to concede, we must utterly reform our notions and our customs.  There is no other way to move forward.

I propose a number of reforms, both of our ideas and our practice, which will enable us to confront the problem of homosexual identity.  First, the overcoming of the unhelpful dichotomy of heterosexual and homosexual.  Second, the promotion of committed friendship as an essential aspect of Christian moral life.  Third, a revision and broadening of...

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