Dispelling the Darkness of Secularism

Bolshevism evolved into religion, some kind of materialistic pagan religion, which worships Lenin and his like as demigods, while considering lies, deceit, violence, the oppression of the poor, the demoralizing of children,
humiliation of women, destruction of the family . . . and the reduction of
all the nation to extreme poverty
as the principles of its rule—
although all these principles
are false.

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky,
leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholics (Lviv, 1936)

After being tossed about by the Charybdis of communism, the nations of Eastern Europe are sailing toward the Scylla of secularism.  And this monster, according to Pope Benedict XVI, is even more destructive.

Communism, like any ideology, is fanatically embraced only by a slim, myopic minority; secularism—in its materialistic, hedonistic manifestation—appeals to man’s carnal nature, thus threatening to turn the majority from a divinely oriented life.  While communism inspired the destruction of churches, many ordinary people continued to pray and worship discreetly, their faith strengthened through persecution.  With communism nearly two decades in the grave, secularism tempts ordinary people to worship Mammon and Me during the week, sleep in on Sunday, and maybe honor God by taping a holy card to...

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