Cultural Revolutions

Dishonesty of the Media Establishment

O.J. Simpson is now the most famous human being upon the planet. The details of the case can be of no interest to anyone intellectual enough to enjoy a game of "Co Fish," but the debates, private as well as public, it has spawned will haunt us for some time. From fairly early on most whites admitted to believing him guilty, while a majority of blacks profess to think him innocent. In fact, what black Americans mean when they say that O.J. is an innocent victim of a white conspiracy is something much simpler and more reasonable than is supposed. What they mean is that Mr. Simpson is guilty of a justifiable or excusable homicide. They are not basing their defense on the old grounds of the crime passionelle, since, after all, the Simpsons were divorced, and if it were argued that Mr. Simpson took a Christian view of marriage, one would have to explain his own divorce, to say nothing of his own incessant womanizing.

No, it is not as outraged husband that Simpson is to be defended but as a black who killed a white. Khallid Muhammad, among the many black leaders supporting Simpson, had already received a standing ovation at Howard University for demanding a Colin Ferguson Day to commemorate the psychopath who shot up a train car full of white people, and his opinion seems to be widely shared within the community.

Two years ago in Chronicles I wrote an essay on the return of status to American law....

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