Cultural Revolutions

Disenchanting Prospects

Michael Peroutka may provide an alternative for conservatives who are disenchanted with the prospect of choosing between George W. Bush and John Kerry this fall.  Bush has focused most of his energies on an unnecessary and calamitous war and has warmly embraced every tenet of neoconservatism, from expanding the size and scope of the federal government to promoting a guest-worker scheme that would effectively abolish our borders and impoverish the American middle class.  Kerry is an unreconstructed leftist who, though willing to criticize Bush over Iraq, is unwilling to withdraw American troops.

Peroutka and his Constitution Party expect to be on the ballot in 40 states and hope to be on the ballot in one or two more.  Peroutka is “trying to reach anyone who has come to the conclusion that there is something wrong in America,” and he is running on the campaign themes of “God, Family, Republic.”  He favors dramatically reducing the size and scope of the federal government and reining in what he terms “judicial tyranny.”

Peroutka describes Iraq as a “bloody mess” and considers the war “unconstitutional,” because it was launched without a declaration of war by Congress.  He notes that the “Founders were very wary about giving the power of war and peace to one man” but believes that we have done just that, with Congress effectively...

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