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Disenchanted With Globalism

The political story this year was supposed to be a familiar one: A member of the Bush family was going to begin a successful march to the Republican nomination, and a member of the Clinton family was going to do the same thing on the Democratic side.  Through June 30, Jeb Bush had raised $114.1 million, the most of any candidate, and Hillary Clinton had raised $62.7 million, the second most of any candidate and nearly five times as much as her closest challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.  Since money generally augurs victory in American politics, it looked as if everything was going the way the pundits had predicted.  But things began to change once the candidates began campaigning in earnest, especially on the Republican side.  By the end of August, Donald Trump was leading in all the polls, and he was receiving the lion’s share of media coverage, even if most of that coverage was negative.

There are many reasons for the current success of the Trump campaign.  One is the contemptuous way the Republican establishment has treated Republican voters for decades.  That contempt became obvious after the Republicans solidified their control of the House and gained control of the Senate last fall.  Despite campaigning against the excesses of the Obama administration, the Republicans did nothing to counter Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the Republicans even worked hard...

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