Dining With The Donald

When Donald Trump started making noise about running for president, I knew next to nothing about him.  Since I don’t watch television, I’m not sure whether I could even have identified him in a lineup.  I knew only that he was a New York-based real-estate mogul and had a series of beautiful wives.  So it was of great interest to me when the Friends of Abe (FOA) announced that the group’s next dinner would have Donald Trump as the featured speaker.

At previous FOA events I had listened to Antonin Scalia, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Arpaio, and Ted Cruz, among others.  Attendance is by membership only, and the events are not only not publicized but kept confidential.  This is not because FOA members are engaged in nefarious activities, but because they are conservatives who work in Hollywood.  Most fear that if their politics are revealed, they will be blacklisted.  This goes for actors, writers, directors, producers, and others who are all too familiar with the leftist ideology and intolerance of dissenting opinions that pervade the industry.

Gary Sinise was the principal mover in organizing FOA.  He and some other conservatives thought they needed a less than obvious way of revealing their politics to one another.  Recalling that in the 1930’s and 40’s in Hollywood, gays identified one another by asking if they were a friend of Dorothy or a friend of Judy,...

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