Under the Black Flag

Did You Hear the One About Syria?

From the top of the mountain that overlooks my Swiss chalet I can almost see Lake Geneva on a clear day, but thankfully, what I cannot see are the armies of so-called diplomats, flunkies, arms dealers, professional wallet lifters, con men, thieves, and men who have obviously been conceived by apes with a dose of the clap that go by the name of imams.  They are all here polluting the base of the Alps on the pretense of finding a peaceful solution to the Syria problem, as likely an event to take place as Portnoy renouncing masturbation.  It is a joke even to call it a peace process when Iran, the major power of the region, has been excluded but catamite so-called countries in the Persian Gulf are here in force.  An even bigger joke is the Saudi-Qatari demand of the right to withdraw the legitimacy of the Syrian regime in favor of the mercenaries the two petrodollar exporters of Wahabi terrorism are financing.  But as I write thousands of men are busy sitting at desks, translating texts, communicating with their governments back home, meeting nonstop with their own kind, and spewing out hateful rhetoric unheard of since the Nuremberg rallies.  Although I write this on the second day of Geneva II, as it’s called, if it succeeds and peace comes to Syria, I will walk barefoot up Everest wearing only a jockstrap and obviously die of frostbite in the process.

In all my years...

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