Cultural Revolutions

Desperate Housewives

Those who have an interest in the cultural survival of the West may note with increasing trepidation that the very things that have traditionally characterized it are being cannibalized alive.  Australia is no exception to this general trend.

The thought occurred to me recently while visiting the more bohemian sections of Sydney’s Newtown district.  Sitting opposite in a local café was a girl who would doubtless consider herself culturally “alternative.”  Everything about her appearance and demeanor indicated a lifestyle predicated on the transgression of norms associated with the hated pre-60’s ancien régime.  But she was different, too; what struck me was that her fashion was entirely composed of period pieces from the world of film noir (though intentionally mismatched), the very era frequently derided or ridiculed by advocates of the political left.

I have met these types before at university: Their perennial battles against convention have turned them into the most conformist lot.  Among the female of the species, there is nothing that induces consternation or repellent shock more than the archetype of a traditional wife.  The term itself has acquired a pejorative character among the campus bien-pensants, yet here was a girl dressed to look almost the caricature of a housewife.  The tattoos, piercings, and lack of grace were all that exposed her...

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