In the Dark

Desperate Fatties

You Were Never Really Here
Produced by Why Not Productions and the British Film Institute
Directed and written by Lynne Ramsay,
based on Jonathan Ames’s novel
Distributed by Amazon Studios 

Produced by BRON Studios 
Directed by Jason Reitman 
Screenplay by Diablo Cody 
Distributed by Focus Features 

This month we have two—you’ll excuse the expression—art-house films: You Were Really Never Here and Tully.  Both feature actors—Joaquin Phoenix and Charlize Theron—who heroically gained 50 pounds to play their roles.  Why is it, I wonder, that when actors choose to lard up, it’s always 50 pounds?  Whatever the answer, I’m afraid the extra weight doesn’t do much for either film’s gravitas.

Never Here is a ridiculously pretentious film adapted from Jonathan Ames’s crime novella crafted in the hard-boiled school of fiction.  Scottish director Lynne Ramsay has used this text to make a film of relentless close-ups, most celebrating blood and gore.  Joe, the protagonist played by Phoenix, is a former Marine and FBI agent who sells his services to clients who are trying to retrieve their daughters from the pedophile end of the prostitution industry.  On his missions, Joe favors...

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