Cultural Revolutions

Deo Vindice

No sooner did Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell issue his proclamation declaring April Confederate History Month than the ideological canister fire began.

The proclamation is “incendiary,” huffed the Washington Post.  “Obnoxious,” sniffed historian James Mc­Pher­son.  “Mind-boggling,” griped former governor Douglas Wilder, the grandson of slaves and the first black governor in America.  And it was all for those ministers of Satan, the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Thus began the latest assault on Governor McDonnell, who last appeared in these pages when the kooky left, egged on by the Washington Post, zeroed in on McDonnell’s thesis for a master’s degree at Pat Robertson’s Regent University.  The thesis, it was said, was antihomosexual and antiwoman, and McDonnell quickly explained that his homophobic, misogynistic views had changed since he penned the offending words in 1989.

So with his proclamation to honor Virginia’s storied past and such figures as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jeb Stuart, the moonbats knew they had him again.  Issued yearly until Democratic governors Tim Kaine and Mark Warner killed it, the proclamation is tame stuff.  It merely recognizes a few simple truths, not least that Virginia’s Confederate history helps pay the bills with tourist dollars.  It said that we must “understand...

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