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By:Clyde Wilson | November 30, 2015

James Webb, a genuine war hero and author of a worthy book (Fields of Fire) draws no interest as a Presidential candidate, but numerous Republicans who have never been anything but parasites and cannot even read, much less write a good book, are considered promising statesmen.

I am told we must be a multicultural country. I must have missed it when we voted on that.

How is it that the owners of big media and their lackeys control public discourse, but nobody ever voted for them? We don’t even know who most of them are.

The federal government takes a big chunk from the income of most of us. Why does it still have to borrow money and pay billions in interest?

Saudi Arabians committed a murderous atrocity against Americans on 9/11. President Bush hurried his Saudi fellow millionaires to safety and invaded Iraq. Is it just me or does something not scan here?

George Bush’s invasion of Iraq violated international law and just war doctrine. It cost the U.S. trillions of dollars and thousands of young lives. It created havoc in a critical part of the world that worsens every day and darkens our future. Many people still think of him as a Christian and a good President.

Bush’s invasion of Iraq made no sense as serving any American purpose. Why did it happen anyway?

Black students are admitted to college though unqualified and even paid to attend. This makes them very unhappy. Go figure?

Sodomy is now officially sanctioned in the U.S. I must have been missing the day we voted on that one too.


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