Democracy and Adultery

Letter From Turkey

A bill proposed in Turkey that would have made adultery a punishable offense was retracted shortly after its introduction.  Hailed as a decisive move by the European Commission, this resulted in a proposal to open negotiations on the entrance of Ankara into the European Union.

This attitude befits the ideology of the fundamental rights of the European citizen.  All important economic and political efforts serve the well-being of the individual, his autonomy and emancipation, within a durable and peaceful society.  The European Union must guarantee a lasting peace and personal development.  On these aims, Europe is unanimous.  Peace and autonomy can only prosper and flourish within a formal and plural democracy.  Indeed, only democracy guarantees the complete sovereignty of the people and the citizen.  Only democracy gives the same weight to each voice or conviction and guarantees that the majority in the ballot box is the only supreme authority.

During recent decades, this principle not only has become irreversible but seems to be considered a major achievement in the entire Western world.  It is hailed as the final victory of civilization and the only guarantee of a real political order.  Those who believe this ignore the fact that democracy is only one form of government among others and is by no means the universal remedy for all political and economic problems.  History,...

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