Under the Black Flag

Degenerate Homo

Let’s begin 2019 with some truths and a few admissions: We humans have been evolving for some time now, but not really.  Only a few decades ago we were certain that the oldest human fossil was a small-brained female by the name of Lucy.  Lucy was a species known as Australopithecus afarensis, which existed from about 3.85 million years ago to about 2.95 million years ago.  Human evolution, it is believed, took a direct path from Lucy to modern woman; Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are both direct descendants of Lucy’s.  Lucy, however, was tiny, as Paris and Kim are not, and it seems that the latters’ brains have shrunk, disproportionally to their stature.  Here is where science and human evolution become confused.  The brains of Paris and Kim should have grown proportionally to their breasts, but have shrunk instead.

The #MeToo movement is also a direct descendant of Lucy’s, but although the former has grown much larger than the original, the brains have remained as small, if not smaller, than those of Lucy.  This puzzles scientists almost as much as it does paleoanthropologists, and frankly it baffles yours truly as well.  How can some women be so quick to see an opportunity to get publicity and money, yet possess a brain as tiny as that of sweet old Lucy?  Some scientists insist that the bigger the breasts the smaller the brains, but this theory has been...

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