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December 2020 Polemics: A Commie Mediocrity?

I am sorry, but I have to raise an alarm, the more so as I have been a subscriber to Chronicles since 1985 and know full well what to expect and require from the magazine. Bluntly put, what the heck has made you publish an unbearably long piece on an obscure and mediocre person who had been commander-in-chief of the Polish armed forces for decades and later ran Polish Communist Party and Poland for almost a decade, all this in Poland under Soviet dominance? (“Was Poland’s Notorious Communist Dictator Actually a Conservative?” by Michal Krupa, October 2020 Chronicles.)

While it is true that being a viceroy of a country, in this case [a foreign] country, is not an easy enterprise for that country’s citizen—he can prove a cynical traitor or one with some or many qualms—it is not enough to deserve attention of a reader of the magazine that has been at the forefront of examining the prevailing currents of both politics and a civil society in Western civilization (to quote from its mission statement). Perhaps, if in Mr. Jaruzelski’s lifetime one could find anything heroic, worth an absorbing epic film, he would be worth a piece. But it isn’t the case. Should I then believe that Chronicles readership is interested in occasionally obtaining articles on Soviet viceroys in Central and Eastern Europe? I bet nobody is, by the way me included, unless something really revealing...

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