City of Westminster

Deal or No Deal

David Cameron, the former Prime Minister, once mocked his fellow Tories for “banging on about Europe.”  He meant that the European Union had become a tedious right-wing obsession—the root of all governmental problems, the enemy without, the reason Britain was going to the dogs.

Now, thanks in large part to Mr. Cameron, all the British seem destined to spend their lives banging on about Europe.  It’s dull and depressing, but we can’t help ourselves.  Most Brits now identify as BoB—Bored of Brexit.  Even the more ardent Brexiteers, if honest, sometimes wish that Cameron had never called the referendum on our membership in the European Union.

What a mess.  Britain is in a state of what Michael Lind called “turboparalysis”; political crisis follows political crisis, the March deadline for leaving the E.U. fast approaches, yet events seem to change nothing.  Westminster journalists and TV panelists have taken to announcing that they—yes, even they—don’t have a clue what might happen, as if their audiences ever thought different.  The point almost everyone agrees on is that the Brexit outlook is very poor.

Donald Trump, as he so often does, summed up the way most people feel when he said that Prime Minister Theresa May’s new Withdrawal Agreement with the E.U. sounds “like a great deal for the E.U.” ...

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