Dead Monkeys and the Living God

Sir Elton John would like to “ban religion completely” because it stirs up “hatred toward gay people.”  Like so many giants of the entertainment industry, Elton John probably does not hate religion per se but only Christianity.  Christophobia is the religion of Hollywood.  Ask Barbra Streisand; ask the top brass at Disney or DreamWorks.

The hatred of Christ takes many forms, and, since at least the 16th century, one of the most influential has been science or, more properly (since many great scientists have been believers), scientism, the ideology that claims to be able to explain all things human and superhuman by its formulas and equations.  In the early days, promoters of scientism had to be cautious to avoid the trouble that Galileo’s big mouth landed him in.  Descartes was so successful at disguising his project that he is still treated by the Catholic Encyclopedia as a sincere if capricious Catholic.

With the advent of Darwinism, however, the promoters of Christophobia began to take the gloves off.  Darwin’s bulldog, Thomas Henry Huxley, in making claims about evolutionary theory that his master was reluctant to make, helped to inaugurate the two great obscurantisms of our time: fundamentalism and scientism.  Of the former, it is enough to say that, at their worst, those who insist on a literal interpretation of the Old Testament...

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