Dallas in the Dock

The whole world appears to have gone nuts again—for about the ten millionth time in human history—but Dallas, unaccountably, you might say, has reaped enormous respect for keeping its cool and staying sane.  You know—as sane as can be expected of any nest of right-wing, gun-toting, big-haired, president-killing yahoos.

I know such news is hard to credit.  Don’t take my word for it; I live in Dallas, after all.  Take the word of an unimpeachable non-right-wing, non-gun-toting source, the New York Times, which favored our burg with a friendly headline over a generally friendly story.

To quote the headline: “A Silence Fell on Dallas in 1963.  Not This Year.  After Shootings of Officers, a City Exhibits Diversity and Grace Under Pressure.”  Just the reverse of what you’d expect in The City That Killed Kennedy and Birthed J.R. Ewing.  Supposedly.

The Times’s point was that there’s a “new, more diverse and tolerant Dallas” now, as well as an older one with a taste for pragmatism and consensus.  Diversity—yes, we’ve got it, including an Hispanic lesbian sheriff.  We’re a minority-majority city, controlled top to bottom, for the last decade, by Democrats.  We’ve got, according to the Times, a “hip, progressive, and civic minded subset” of actors,...

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