Cursing the Darkness

Her mother said she had been brainwashed.  Her daughter had never liked who she was and was always looking to become someone else.  Mother is quick to reassure reporters she is not prejudiced: “I’m not against Muslims.  I married one.”  Jihad Jamie, as the press has dubbed her, is only 31, but she has lived a troubled life, serving the needs of gangbangers and marrying, successively, three illegal Mexican immigrants who beat her.  Jamie Paulin-Ramirez is now “married” a fourth time to Algerian jihadist Ali Sharaf Damache, whom she met on the worldwide web, an institution that has replaced church socials and singles bars as the place to find your partner for life or for the duration of erotic interest.

Jamie was recruited by another dumb-blonde jihadist, Colleen LaRose, who dubbed herself Jihad Jane.  Miss LaRose, who also suffers from low self-esteem and bad judgment, made her first court appearance with her blond hair done up in corn rows.  She has apparently concluded that if some African-Americans join the Nation of Islam, all she has to do to become a Muslim is to adopt an Afro hairstyle.  After September 11 Miss LaRose is said to have cried death to all Muslims, though when she saw pictures of suffering Muslims on the web, she decided to devote her life to helping them—not, of course, by doing volunteer work in a Muslim nursing home, but by murdering a Swedish cartoonist...

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