The Hundredth Meridian


Because Héctor had experience as an historical researcher looking up books on the subject of Pancho Villa at the public library, it was agreed that he should be the one responsible for ascertaining the location of the treasure, and that the job of Jesús “Eddie” would be to outfit the expedition to Ladron Peak when the time arrived to set forth upon their quest.

To his chagrin, Héctor discovered that historical detective work required a good deal more knowledge and expertise than checking out books from the library did.  At a loss as to where to begin, he settled finally on the Valencia County News-Bulletin.  Having printed the story, Héctor reasoned, the paper’s editor must be well versed in the events it described.  In fact the editor was too busy to see him, and the receptionist referred Héctor to an editorial assistant who said she worked part-time for the newspaper while taking classes at the University of New Mexico Valencia Campus.  The treasure story, she explained, had appeared in what was known to the trade as a “canned” article, meaning that no one at the News-Bulletin knew anything whatsoever about the subject matter.  If Héctor needed further information, she suggested he visit the Harvey House Museum at 712 Dalies Street and ask to speak with the column’s author.

Héctor had heard of the museum, but only...

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