Cultural Revolutions

Cultural Revolutions
-Srdja lufkovic\r\nbKN. JESSK HELMS' aimounccmciit\r\nin August of his rctircnicut at tlie cud of\r\nhis current term was an o|3portnnit\\ tor\r\n\\itu|5eration on the part of the left-wing\r\nnietha that has so detested the North\r\nC'arohna consenatixe througliont his entire\r\nsO-\\ear political career. "It is al\\\\a\\"s\r\nteniphng," moaned the New York Timefi\r\nlead editorial the da\\ after Mr. Helms'\r\nannouneenicnt, "when old warriors retire,\r\nto lament their |xissing from the political\r\nstage. In the ease of Senator Jesse\r\nHelms, that is a tem]3taHon to be resisted."\r\nThere's ne\\ermueh danger that an\\\r\nspark ot gallantrx might flash through the\r\ndarkness at the 'limes.\r\nThe editorial was followed a tew da\\s\r\nlater hv \\et another shot at Helms in the\r\npaper's "Week in Rexiew" section —this\r\ntime h\\- Rick I'erlstein, author of a recent\r\nstud\\ ot Harr\\ Cloldwater's presidential\r\ncampaign, attended b\\ a selection of\r\nwhat the limes eousidered choice quotations\r\nfrom the senator going hack to his\r\nc|uite unreeonstrneted comments on Negroes\r\nin 1956. Nor was the Washington\r\nl\\>st to he outdone h\\ its grim sister in\r\nManhattan. It took the Post a week or so,\r\nhut e\\entnall\\, columnist and chief political\r\nreporter Da\\id liSrodcr unbosomed\r\nan 0]>ed entitled "Jesse Helms, White\r\nRacist."\r\nOf course, this kind of press eoxcrage\r\nof Helms is not imusual, and one ma\\\r\nguess that the senator, a former jounialist\r\nhimself...

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